Acquisition of accident data including communications recordings, radar data and accident reports.

Analysis of radar data and aircraft flight track charateristics. Displays of flight path data in plan and profile views. Flight track plots over topographic charts, aerial photos, navigation charts and approach plate charts. Flight track displays can be portrayed in static or animated views with annotations as to heading, speeds, altitudes, and rates of vertical change.

Forensic audio analysis of aviation accident and incident recordings, including cockpit voice recordings (the black box) and other aviation recordings.  Sound analysis includes increasing inteligibility of recorded speech, analysis of sounds associated witrh aircraft engine performance, documentation and transcription of communications recordings and cocpit voice recordings.

In other areas, we have worked on audio recordings in both civil and criminal cases covering a wide range of recorded audio problems. 

In the area of the enhancement of audio recordings, we offer a service that reduces the noise level while enhancing the speech of a recording.  Noise is any sound which tends to obscure the spoken words; hums, static, tones, echoes, music, street sounds, engine noise, etc.  The enhancement process is also capable of reducing the discrepancy in volume between two voices, turning up the volume of the lower volume speaker while holding the volume of the higher volume speaker constant.  The best results are obtained by working with the original recording.  At no time during the enhancement process is the recording subjected to any harmful or degrading treatment.

We also offer expert testimony to explain the analysis methodology, procedures and results. Our testimony has been accepted in both Federal and State Courts and various administrative and arbitration hearings.